Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Theme for your SUDOKU Art Quilt

SUDOKU puzzle used for "By The SEAdoku"

Everyone in my "No-Sew SUDOKU Art Quilt" class will receive a different, pre-colored, completed SUDOKU puzzle. Coloring the squares helps you see patterns within the puzzle. You'll make fabric and embellishment choices based on those patterns. Note in the puzzle, how #1 and #2 (blue and yellow) are together quite often. I represented those squares with 1 and 2 fish (below) so it would look more like I have schools of fish swimming across the quilt.

"By The SEAdoku"

I submitted this SUDOKU quilt when proposing my "No-Sew SUDOKU Art Quilt" class for Art & Soul. Because this year's theme is "By the Sea", I wanted my art quilt to have a water/ocean theme. With my theme in mind, I chose appropriate fabrics, fish for my focal point elements, and sea-like embellishments to represent the numbers 1 through 9 (example: shells, pearls...). I find titling my art, makes it more meaningful to me. I was going to name this quilt after my focal point embellishments (as I often do): "One Fish, Two Fish Sudoku" but my clever husband came up with "By The SEAdoku" which is much more appropriate for this year's Art & Soul.

"By The SEAdoku" 9-square closeup

This gives you a closer look at how I represented the numbers 1 through 9:

  1. One fish with yarn sea grass on bottom of square

  2. Two fish with gold thread strands coming down from top

  3. Ribbon with three knots

  4. Two fabric strips that cut the square into four sections. Also square bead has four sides

  5. Fish net with five embellishments (shell, pearl, beads)

  6. Wave-like ripple of fabric with three dips and three crests

  7. Six rings of wire plus one pearl in the center

  8. Button with four horizontal lines and four vertical lines ( Also button with flower of eight petals)

  9. Nine tube beads at the points of the diamonds on the fabric

You can represent the numbers in obvious or obscure ways. When you put your mind and creativity to work, the possibilities are endless.

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