Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Online Stitch Class -- Week 6

Here is my final Week 6 sampler for the "Library of Personal Stitches" class. This week's class is: Texture Creating Crusty Surfaces...
I love those crusty surfaces.
A sampler of dimensional, built up stitches. Had lots of fun experimenting with the "Detached Buttonhole" stitch to build dimension around the wheels and on a variety of other stitches.

Didn't do as well with the "Cast On" stitches. The little purple blobs are suppose to be flat partial circles. Didn't quite get the "flower petals" stitch either (purple "flower" at bottom of sampler).

The "Casalguidi Stitch" (purple cord above) is very cool, but time consuming. I've shown all four stages of this stitch on my sampler:
1. Couch several strands of fibers (red yarn) in the desired shape
2. Satin Stitch the couched strands
3. Do a loose foundation stitch over the satin stitch
4. Do rows of Stem Stitch onto the foundation stitch until the cord is covered.

I'm sad to see this class come to an end but I still have plenty of stitching to practice and improve upon. Again I would highly recommend taking a class from Sharon Boggon at Joggles. In fact Joggles has the new Spring classes listed and I'm planning to take Sharon's "Studio Journals: A Designer's Workhorse" class in June.

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