Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fast Friday Quilt #4

I'm finally back with some art to show... Fast Friday Quilt #4
Color Concept: Triad (Three on a Triangle) --
I chose Violet, Orange, and Green because I rarely use that color combination.
Composition Concept: Texture/ Pattern
What a serendipitous coincidence that at the same time, I'm taking a wonderful Joggles online class, "Studio Journals" taught by Sharon Boggon. One of the design exercises is texture rubbings and I did a collage of those rubbings in my journal so... I decided to translate that collage into fabric design and machine/hand stitchery for my Fast Friday Quilt.
This is my texture rubbings (plus a bit of used computer paper) collage. Had great fun with the rubbings which included items from the kitchen and the outside siding of my house! The collage is a bit busy (I was trying to include a variety of rubbings) ...

And here is my quilt...with some slight variations in the collage. I used lighter value fabrics to represent light value rubbings and darker fabrics and threads for darker rubbings. The "flower" rubbing is free motion machine stitching (also upper left light purple section and middle green). I couched braided thread on the circles and used fly stitch, running stitch, and stem stitch in other areas. A mesh overlay for the computer paper part. Please click on the picture for a more detailed view. Also this is the first time I've scanned my art rather than photographing it (learned something new --Hooray!). The colors are quite a bit brighter and more intense than the original but you can certainly see the texture.


Robin Olsen said...

Very nice Martha! I like how you interpreted your sketch page. Your use of value is very effective, and I especially like your machine stitched flower.

Paula McNamee said...

Your sketch to quilt concept works really well in designing your piece. I like all of the different textures in your rubbings' collage and how you transformed them into a fabric quilt.

incredicassio said...

Well this blog hasn't been forgotten for 4 years. Nope, it sure hasn't.