Monday, March 23, 2009

Preponderance of Pears Sudoku progress...

Since my last Preponderance of Pears post I've made a few changes, decisions,
and some progress...

I switched the #5 (originally yellow spots) and #6 (deep yellow-ORANGE) so that the two deep yellow-ORANGE squares (#1 which will have pears on top) are not side-by-side so much. Also rearranged and reoriented the rose design fabric to show off the design to it's best advantage. If your fabric has a design you want to be aware of what direction it's oriented on your quilt.

Next step... Putting the "no-sew" construction into the No-sew SUDOKU Art Quilt. Just a reminder I will be teaching two classes at the Portland Oregon Art & Soul Retreat in the Fall using this construction technique: "No-sew SUDOKU Art Quilt" and "COLOR Play". Registration for classes started March 15. In my class supply list I mention two tools (photo above) needed to construct the quilts: a dinner knife is absolutely necessary and the thin bladed 1/2" square tip paint spatula is very helpful for getting the fabric into tight corners. This shape seems to work better than the pointed paint spatula. Although very helpful for corners, the blade seems a little too flimsy to use on all the straight sides -- the hardiness of the dinner knife is much easier.

Here is the quilt in foam board. Isn't it starting to look so much better than just laid out? Again, I still don't have all the 3-D pears to cover the duplicate deep yellow-ORANGE squares. The next decision is what fabric to use for the border. The choice can change the whole look of the quilt.

The quilt looks even better with the border (and even prettier in real life -- haven't gotten a real good photo of the colors yet). I want to emphasize the raspberry color, so debated between the light rose fabric and and deep raspberry for the border. I like the intensity of the deep raspberry.

Now the next step that gives the quilt its real pizazz -- embellishments to represent the #1 through #9 of the SUDOKU puzzle. The focal points will of course be the 3-D pears (#1 squares) but I have to decide how I want to represent the other numbers with fabric, fiber, beads, buttons... I also like to do research on the subject of the SUDOKU, in this case pears, to see if I can relate any of the numbers/embellishments to the subject and figure out clever ways to represent the numbers in sometimes very subtle ways.

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