Monday, March 16, 2009

Taking My First Online Class

I'm taking an online class through : "Personal Library of Stitches" taught by Sharon Boggon. I'm new to hand stitchery and I'm taking the class to: 1. Learn stitches so I can add that dimension to my art quilts and 2. Get more comfortable with Internet classes and participating in class forums. I have a desire to teach an online class someday in the future...

I am so impressed with Sharon's class. I'm blown away by her extensive and organized class handouts. It's more than just a learn-some-stitches class. She also incorporates the elements of design and how they relate to stitchery. I would highly recommend this class and I'm just on the 2nd week of this 6-week class. Sharon has a fantastic stitchery blog, if you're interested in hand stitchery or crazy quilts.

The following are photos of my Week 1 Stitchery Sampler. I put them here, not because they're great (keep in mind I am a beginner just learning the stitches) but because I want the practice of chronicling my class.

Working on border stitches here. My stitches are a bit all over the place but I did have fun learning new stitches and experimenting by adding stitches together and using different types of thread and yarn. I'm finding myself drawn to couching stitches and stitches that weave threads through straight stitches to create patterns.

Close-ups of my stitchery sampler. I'll try to get better photos next time.

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