Friday, March 6, 2009

Preponderance of Pears Sudoku continued...

I've made some decisions on my "Preponderance of Pears Sudoku". Ive decided to change the finished size of the squares to 2 1/2" x 2" rectangles rather than the normal 2" x 2" squares. I'll have more room for my 3-d focal point pear embellishments. The finished piece will be 23.5"(height) x 19" (width).
Color decisions:
Main color -- Raspberry (RED-violet)
2nd color -- YELLOW-orange/Yellow-ORANGE
3rd -- Yellow-GREEN
Possible embellishment accents Yellow and Violet (to pick up colors in rose fabric)
I've also decided to add another color fabric.

I like the intensity and color relationship of this arrangement I have in my living room. I wanted to add some of that intensity to my SUDOKU quilt so I added the deep yellow-ORANGE (below-middle) to my colors.

Fabric for "Preponderance of Pears Sudoku" with possible thread and bead embellishments.

This is the SUDOKU puzzle pattern I want to use. It's the same pattern I used for my "Orange Juice for the Ear Sudoku" and "Brazilian Carnaval Sudoku" quilts. Looking at the patterns of the numbers, which numbers are often next to each other etc. -- I assigned a fabric to each number.

Here are my fabric choices and the square numbers I've tentatively assigned them. I made one pear embellishment (making these will give me much needed practice with my free motion machine stitching) so I could determine which fabric I wanted it on top of. Decided on the deep yellow-ORANGE. The pear will cover most of the square so I've assigned the fabric to two squares -- #1 and #6. If you notice in the puzzle pattern, the #s 1 and 7 are side by side quite often. I assigned the deep raspberry to #7 to create a dynamic contrast. Notice I have the rose fabric twice, but different parts of the fabric -- #3 fabric is covered with roses, #9 fabric has more of the background color. The lighter value green #4 and rose #3 look nice together and #4 and #3 appear together quite often in the pattern.

Next, I've set out the fabrics in the puzzle pattern to get a look at the arrangement and decide what changes I want to make -- fabric number switches, changing design orientation of squares, etc. At this point I'm still looking it over and getting impressions.
First thoughts:
1. Because I only have one pear embellishment done, it looks like a lot of deep yellow-ORANGE checked squares. I can certainly see the #1 (pear) and #6 squares are together quite often.
2. I'm getting the feel of the color intensity I wanted (like in the 1st blog picture). I want the raspberry to be the predominate color and I don't now if that's coming through. I can always add more raspberry in my embellishments. I can also add raspberry thread stitching and fabric to the pears.
3. I want the lighter value rose fabric for some value contrast but it might be getting a little lost among the other vibrant colors.
4. I do like the deep raspberry #7 and yellow-ORANGE #6 and #1 together

O.K. that's all for now. I'll be studying the sudoku quilt for awhile before I start putting it together.

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